If that's you then get in touch with Durham Software.


There's no size or cost limit to what we do. The only limit is what you want... and more importantly, what you need!

You can eliminate those repetitive woes and repetitive costly mistakes and it won't cost the earth, we guarantee you that.


So whether it's finding the pin in the data haystack, statistical analysis, sorting, sifting or absolutely anything else, Durham Software can provide software to suit both the task and your budget. 


The Durham Software Gurantee:


A Great Price

Cost efficient shouldn't mean less. It should mean the most possible for your money. That's what we think.


Personalised Service

We'll be available throughout to answer your questions and concerns. And we'll talk to you, in English not Jargon.

Expert Guidance

Every step of the way, to make sure you get what you need as simply and cost effectively as possible. 

Precision Software

Matched to your budget without the sacrifice of quality or usability. Just well planned from the outset.

Room for Growth

Easily upgradable so you don't have to start again each time your buisiness grows.


Delivered and installed at your convenience to avoid disruption.

Staff Training

Expert and Friendly training, individually tailored so ALL of your staff can feel comfortable and confident



Looking for something that's just not there?

It's Obvious!

It's Useful!

It's Durham Software!


Easy Transition


It Works!



Unique Software for unique needs... Whatever they are!

Burdenned with repetitive tasks that command much too much of your time?